Exclusively Designed Customised Wallpapers

If you have a specific design in mind, or you are not able to select wallpapers as per your choices or need a wallpaper for a specific size. Then try Customised wallpapers from Life N Colors. Be it your favourite superheroes, any holiday destination, landscape, nature-based themes, art patterns, we will be able to print for you. 

We also create exclusive wallpapers as "Designs from Life N Colors". These are contemporary, modern, ethnic, and classy designs which are printed on high-quality papers. Size, colours, and design modifications are very much possible to match your requirements. 

Tropical Designs

Come close to nature, use tropical designs. These nature-based designs are great options for common areas, lounges, receptions, and living rooms.

Indian Themes

Most of the imported wallpapers lack Indian designs of wallpapers. This is where "Designs by Life N Colors" has created a niche space by creating unique Indian theme-based wallpapers and wallcoverings. We have options for both ethnic and modern designs.

Contemporary Designs

Get a wow factor for your spaces. City landscapes, Old style planes or typewriters, black and white themes and many more options to choose from. 

Fascinating Faces

'Fascinating Faces' wall design series by Life N Colors. These are poster style wall design themes to add colours and life to your walls. These will surely be the most attractive places in your homes and offices.