Floral Print Wallpapers

Choosing the Right Floral Wallpaper for your space

With so many different types of floral wallpaper in Gurugram, Indian, you want to make sure you choose the right one that fits the space.


Small floral prints still add some pattern to the overall background colour and help form a subtle backdrop. Mini prints in cool and light colours, along with fine textures, can help create the feeling that there is more space in the room. If the mini print is in darker and warm colours then the opposite response will happen. This means that warm and dark colours are usually safe for bathrooms, kitchens, and other small spaces.


Large floral and other patterns can add some more visual interest to the room. However, it can also make the room feel a bit smaller and more intimate. Larger patterns with plain light ceilings can help retain a sense of height if the design elements have a vertical thrust. Large geometric floral patterns can be exciting and bold, while smaller floral patterns remain subtler.


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