10 Great Designs for World Map Wallpapers for Homes and Offices

Who doesn't love visiting every corner of the world? Whether it be as kids or grown-ups, the idea of even glancing at beautiful locations is a dream for many of us. The Covid-19 pandemic has placed many restrictions and even lockdowns (in some areas) which lessens the fun we could once have with traveling.

Where once we could wander around anywhere we wanted to with as many people as we wish, we now have to ensure to stay more distant from others, not touch anything outside as much as possible and keep sanitizing. This also has caused many people to stay in homes till things get better.

With the new preference of Work-From-Home, people have started staying indoors more, for the time being. But staying inside isn't fun, is it? Well… what if we said we could help you with that? You may not be able to go out for tourism but we can bring the entire World Map to your bedrooms, dining room, or the living room itself! These are also a great option for your offices. Adding World Maps as is one of the best wallpaper ideas right now which can take your interior design up a notch.

So let's take a look at the 10 best World Map wallpapers for walls!

What Design should we pick for Living and Study rooms?

Is this your first time going through this genre of wallpaper? No problem, we've got your back! Before hopping into the designs themselves, let's understand how World Map wallpapers work and what design suits best for different rooms!

Since we're focusing on possible wallpaper designs for the study and living rooms, let's know which kind of maps suit both. For study rooms, wallpapers with hints and not too much detailing is ideal to give room to the wall and give a calm atmosphere. Simple and sophisticated designs are best suited for study rooms.

Living rooms can consist of detailed wallpapers which would look better due to the large wall sizes. Families can have fun exploring the design and detailing of such wallpapers.

1. Vintage Look World Map Wallpaper

Sight is our dominant sense which is why our surroundings play a vital role in the development of our inspiration and creativity. Imagine sitting in your living room or study area navigating and visualizing the uniqueness of our world.

Sounds good? Our Vintage Look World Map Wallpaper will add just that element into your daily life. Our premium design map wallpaper illustrates the magnetic curves for the Earth. Moreover, it has the degrees of variance along with the dotted lines displaying the strength as well as the direction of the force. The wallpaper is both UV Resistant and HP Latex Certified.

To learn more about this wallpaper's specifications and price, visit us here!

2. 3D Look World Map with Country names

Adding fun and creative colors brings energy, optimism, and concentration to interior design. Make your working space the place where your imaginativeness grows with our 3D World Map with Country Names Wallpaper.

Maps help us organize our thoughts and make sense of what is around us. Light up your study area with our wallpaper available in three dazzling colors: Red, Pink, and Blue.

Don't worry about stains cause our wallpapers are both Washable and Anti-Moisture. It is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Bring a sense of exuberance and vibrance to your room to thrive your productivity and concentration.

To learn more about this wallpaper's specifications and price, visit us here!

3. Modern Colorful World Map Wallpaper

Maps stimulate both sides of the brain; aesthetic and analytical. The designs of the map help us understand the complexity of our world. It makes us more aware of our space which is essential for living and study rooms.

Our artistic and colorful Abstract Wallpaper provides a fascinating and innovative ambiance. With shades of yellow, purple, red, and blue, this abstract wallpaper is the ideal choice for making a statement in your living space.

To learn more about this wallpaper's specifications and price, visit us here!

4. Premium Vintage World Map wallpaper

If you are a vintage fan and are trying to find a suitable wallpaper for your living room then our premium vintage world map wallpaper will be the best option for you! The beige background stands out as a classic color and gives a refreshing feel too. This is one of our best seller world map wallpaper, it is used extensively in homes and offices.

The layout of the map is broad and its detailing is clear. This wallpaper will appear with the canvas paper texture, however, you can choose any paper type you like from our collections.

To learn more about this wallpaper's specifications and price, visit us here!

5. Detailed Political World Map wallpaper

Maps wallpaper designs are usually quite detailed but we have a simple version of this as well! It's a sweet and elegant detailed political world map with a calm sky blue background! This is a great option for those who love minimal and exclusive wallpaper designs.

These wallpapers are made of high quality and are also UV resistant so they protect your walls from harmful UV rays.

To learn more about this wallpaper's specifications and price, visit us here!

6. Black and Golden Vintage World Map wallpaper

World map design may seem repetitive for some people. That's why we have created eccentric and fun world maps with different themes and color codes like this one. The black and golden world map design is a stunning wallpaper! The combination of black and golden looks gorgeous which will ensure to enhance the atmosphere of your living room.

To learn more about this wallpaper's specifications and price, visit us here!

7. India Map Wall size Wallpaper

Love India? Well, there's no better way to express love and patriotism for your country than getting a wallpaper of it! This wall-size wallpaper covers the entire Indian country. The lower half of the wallpaper is given a calm blue color to represent the Indian ocean.

The rest of the wallpaper is also covered with eye catching and vibrant colors which suit any type of wall it is applied on. This wallpaper can be suited for both; study and living rooms due to its elegance and simple design.

To learn more about this wallpaper's specifications and price, visit us here!

8. Wooden look World Map wallpaper

Let's admit it, living in a wooden hill cabin has been one of the things we've all dreamt about. The classic wooden walls make the entire cabin graceful to the very last corner. Well, how about we bring that cabin into your home decor?

This Vintage style wallpaper is set on a wooden background and has a simple darker shaded world map. This wallpaper is the simplest yet stylish wallpaper on our list. The Vintage World Map wallpaper is great for study areas where you can work within a classy and calm surroundings.

To learn more about this wallpaper's specifications and price, visit us here!

9. Detailed World Map with Countries and Cities

This wallpaper on our list is a bit unique than all others. It provides you with the latitudinal and longitudinal lines of the Earth and has a unique oval shape which gives a bit of a 3D feel to it.

As the name suggests, it also gives a vivid representation of the entire globe on a wall. Each country is distinguished by a different color or shade, offering rich variety in the overall design. The detailing is further calibrated down to cities of every country! Enlighten your living room with this detailed and unique world map wallpaper.

To learn more about this wallpaper's specifications and price, visit us here!

10. Vintage World Map in Blue and Beige

If you are looking for a subtle yet enchanting wallpaper then our vintage world map should be your pick. The entire map is covered by shades of beige that’s simple and promotes comfort at your place!

Moreover, the blue background enhances the peaceful effect of the wallpaper layout. Overall, this wondrous map wallpaper will bring a pleasant mood along with its high quality which gives it a premium feel.

To learn more about this wallpaper's specifications and price, visit us here!


So these were some of our customized world map wallpapers designed specifically for living rooms, study, and office areas. If you wish to explore more on such wallpapers then you may simply check out our website lifencolors and search according to your preference.