10 Great Wallpaper Designs for Kids Nursery Bedrooms

Whether it be your dining room or master bedroom or kids rooms, every space requires a different kind of wallpaper. There is no 'one size fits all' wallpaper since the interior design is quite complex concerning every space. The same wallpaper cannot be applied to different rooms, since every room and the feature wall involved has its unique purpose. Some people might even use wallpapers for a specific portion of a wall for just highlighting that space.

Today we'll go over the Nursery room, the kind of wallpaper that is best for it, and provide you with 10 eye-catching wallpaper designs for it!

Many factors come into play when we think about applying wallpapers such as; the size of the room, the people using it, and lastly the type of room we're dealing with. Every wallpaper caters to a room with a specific need. For instance, bright colored wallpapers with large sparse patterns are ideal for small-sized rooms since they give out an optical illusion and make the room appear bigger.

What are nursery rooms and what kind of Wallpaper do they need?

If you're new to the term, nursery rooms are for newborn babies and toddlers. A nursery room usually contains essential items such as a cradle and a pair of diapers that help to take care of infants.

Wallpapers for nursery rooms allow more creative ideas than paints. If your little one grows up and wants a theme of their own, you can easily peel the wallpapers down too.

For nursery rooms, trying out brighter color options is the way to go. If you're feeling creative, you can customize and print your wallpaper designs too!

Today we've picked 10 great kids' room wallpapers so you can make the right choice moving forward.

1. Solar System Nursery Wallpaper

What better way can there be to go to sleep than looking at nature's beauty? A solar system design helps toddlers not only learn about space but even have fun at the same time! A solar system space-themed wallpaper is bound to cheer up your child every time they look at it. It also contains many eye-catching constellations.

This design comes in both; black and pink backgrounds which are also vibrant and easy to maintain/clean.

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2. Hot Air Balloons with Gliders

This one is a classic choice for all since toddlers love such creatively crafted wallpapers. You'll often catch them distracted by these because well they're just too good! The specialty of such wallpaper designs is the vibrant aura it carries along with the lovely golfers and patterns. It's certainly a no-brainer that 0 a lot therefore you cannot go wrong with this fun and lively layout.

This wallpaper is of high quality (European) and prints are quite durable and easy to clean!

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3. Colorful World Map with Animals

Ever wanted to witness the world maps that created specifically for kids rooms? Well, now you and your little one can with this marvelous World Map wallpaper. Covering every piece of land and every ocean, this wallpaper can enrich your child's knowledge and your feature wall!

The color is by default the common choice to achieve a cute and yound feel and this wallpaper delivers exactly that. Let your child roam around the old world map with this amazingly beautiful wallpaper!

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4. Pastel Polka Dots

If you're looking for something sweet yet impactful, the pastel polka dot-designed wallpapers are exactly what you're looking for!

They may sound simple but are truly an elegant option for young kids. Even the elementary pattern of polka dots looks adorable in different types of color combinations like- Blue, Pink, and Yellow or Pink, and Golden or just Pink polka dots! You just cannot go wrong with the much-loved polka dots!

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5. Sports Theme for Your Young Ones

Let's get your child pumped up with energy with this sport-based wallpaper. This is one of the newest wallpaper designs and can very well set up new wallpaper trends. Resting on a sky blue background, there is sports equipment from almost every other sport out there! A nursery room designed with a sports theme promotes optimism, cheerfulness, and motivation for every child.

In addition, wall coverings like these form a repeat pattern and guarantees to step up your interior design by a ton. Let your little one be geared up to witness the energy that this wallpaper radiates!

This wallpaper is also latex printed and resistant to UV rays.

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6. Vibrant and Colorful Rainbow

Kids love vibrant colors rainbows as they are one of the greatest designs. Every child loves bright colors and this repeat wallpaper pattern is the same. With eye-catching oval shapes designs, there is also a refined touch to it which gives the illusion of being made by crayons. Lighten up your child's every day with this marvelous and colorful rainbow wallpaper and help them expand their creativity too!

This is an abstract design that also has a different premium feel to it.

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7. Mountain Theme Wallpaper

Is your kid fond of art? Well, then your child will take a liking for the mountain-themed wallpaper. The stylish but not-so-over-the-top mountain pattern will make your kid thrilled! Especially looking at that eloquent scenery in the art form. Not to forget, it creates an interesting mountain view effect that’s just enthralling to look at! Also, the color coding will encourage your kid to unlock their creativity and maybe even work on painting mountains themselves!

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8 Monuments and World Map

One wonderful wallpaper design addition you can include is the monumental one that comes along with a bright map that displays famous memorials and where they are located! It’s a fun way to keep your little one engaged with the map and also allow them to get educational exposure early on! Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

The light green background of the wallpaper compliments the entire layout and highlights the monuments evenly.