Wooden Flooring

How to Choose Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring can be a beautiful addition to the home but there are many different options to choose from.


Choose the Type of Finish: You can get oil or polyurethane. Oil will penetrate the wood and have a look that is natural. However, it’s not as impervious to damage since oil can scratch more easily.


Consider Different Wood Types: Oak is the king since it’s durable and has an appealing natural grain. However, walnut can also be a popular choice since it has a darker finish.


Pick the Grain Pattern: Logs are cut in three different ways, which means there are three different grain patterns. There is no good or bad when it comes to the grain and it will depend on the application and what you desire.


Plank Width: Most wooden flooring is installed in two- or three-inch strips but now many people are choosing wider planks. Wider planks will have fewer seams but those seams may become more prominent as the wood contracts and expands.